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this is my lifestyle and health blog...pretty mucha fitblr. Lauren 20 UK. I'm currently faffing about trying to get a new theme so please bare with me lovelies. I'm a uni student, so I'm always looking at how to eat clean and stay fit on a budget. I have my vices...mainly alcohol (my student nature coming through right there), but I do my best. Wanna get in my good books? I accept bribes in the form of chocolate chip cookies.My chats always open :)

Working 4 days this week na na na Havent worked this often since I started uni na na

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It’s fucking red.

I’ve literally waited for this video for years. i’ve been reading the gif in the wrong tone the entire time

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Splenda sweetener doesn’t work as a replacement for sugar in a microwave cake…

Obscure question but does anyone know of better sugar alternatives that are good for microwaves?

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